get clothes to try on at your dorm room for free, we pick up anything you don’t love

no subscription fee or credit card required.

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how does Adla work?

1. we drop off a bag of clothing to your dorm room for free (no credit card required)

2. you get 24 hours to try on the clothes with your friends

3. you only pay for the items you want to keep, and we come and pick up the rest from your dorm/home the next day

(you may have seen our famous Adla Bags around campus)

frequently asked questions!

does Adla really not charge up front?

nope, we literally just drop off a bag of clothing to your door

are there any fees or shipping charges?


how do I pay?

just put any clothing items you don't want to keep back in the bag for pickup day, and we will send you a link to pay for the items you didn't return. after you've paid once we can just automatically charge you the next time instead.

do I need to wait around for someone to drop off or pick up my bag?

nope, we will just leave it by your door, and you can do the same on pickup day. we usually don't have any problems with stealing because most colleges have security cameras everywhere.

how does Adla let me know about drops?

it's all done over text! we will text you when a drop is coming up, with all the information you need to know each week!

how often are drops?

right now we have drops once per week on the same day. once you've signed up you will automatically be scheduled for each drop day until you cancel or need to reschedule.

what brands/styles are included in Adla bags?

we have all your favorite brands such as Princes Polly, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Outdoor Voices, and many many more!

as we learn about what items you did and didn't keep, we get better and better at sending you clothing that's more your style each week!

what happens if I just don't pay for the items I kept?

you get banned from Adla and get sent to CREDIT COLLECTIONS

do I need to buy something each time ?

no, if you don't want to keep anything in your bag you can just put it all in your bag for pickup day and we won't charge you for anything

so what's the catch ?


is anybody still reading this ?

idk ru?

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